Born in Wales and raised in Toronto, Canada, Philip Sayce’s love of the guitar started at an early age when his parents introduced him to all of the classics, notably, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Beck. “I have such distinct memories listening to these incredible musicians,” Sayce says.  “Their music had a huge effect on me.”

His first live music experience was an Eric Clapton gig at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens.  “This groovy version of ‘Crossroads’ had such an impact on me,” he recalls.  “It was that musicianship that laid the foundation for me.  What Clapton did was very different from what many younger artists do today.  It was about spilling your heart out.”

With that inspiration ingrained, Philip asked his parents for a guitar, which became his constant companion.  “It was this acoustic guitar from Sears with strings about four feet off the fret board,” he laughs.  “I broke every CD player, DVD player, and tape player in the house pushing pause and rewind trying to figure out how to play.”

From the age of sixteen, Philip started showing up and playing at blues jam nights at Grossman’s Tavern in downtown Toronto.  It wasn’t long before he was winning over admirers, including the legendary guitarist Jeff Healey, who invited Philip to join his band.  Over the next few years, Philip had his first international tour experience with Healey, playing prestigious festivals and stages worldwide. “I learned so much from Jeff.  His playing was off the charts.  He would simply put people in a trance when he performed.  It was otherworldly.”

After a move to Los Angeles, Philip was invited to join Melissa Etheridge’s band following an introduction by producer John Shanks.  For the next several years, Philip performed on Melissa Etheridge’s albums and was featured during her live concerts where his cosmic performances left audiences stunned.  On one such occasion, Melissa and her band were honoring Bon Jovi at a Grammy Awards event.  Following the performance, Jon Bon Jovi told the audience “I want to give a special nod to Philip, who I immediately opened the program and said ‘Who the fuck is that guitar player?’ Pretty fabulous Philip.”

In 2009, Philip released Peace Machine, the first of three solo albums that established him as one of the leading lights in a new generation of blues-rock guitarists.  With each subsequent release (Ruby Electric and Steamroller) his reputation continued to grow.  With the European release of his fourth solo album, Influence, in the summer of 2014, Philip received some of the best reviews of his career.  Produced by Dave Cobb, Influence features songs by artists that have inspired Philip over the years, as well as several original compositions.  In January 2015, Philip signed with Warner Music Canada.  Two new recordings, produced by Michael Nielsen at Revolution Studios in Toronto, are included on the Canadian version of Influence.

Influence is a culmination of sounds, colors, emotions, and artists who have directly helped to shape my approach and love of music,” said Philip.  “The intention of my own music is to continue the message, power, love, and inspiration that I experience in every artist that has influenced me.”

The album’s first single, Ten Years After’s “I’d Love To Change The World” is a full illustration of what Philip is talking about.  “It’s such an impactful song with a significant message,” says Sayce.  “It is a chance to acknowledge Alvin Lee as one of the great guitarists of the past 100 years.  We didn’t want to attempt to just re-create the original track.  Our intention is to honor its influence and to infuse the music with energy”

Philip’s musical life hit a high point in 2013 with his unforgettable performance at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festival at New York’s Madison Square Garden.  “It was a special experience that reinforced my love of music and commitment to honour the musical integrity of my heroes,” Sayce says.  “I’m going out there in the studio and onstage to do my best and perform from my heart every time.”



Critically acclaimed blues maverick, Shane Dwight, will pull you into his house by the ear after the first chord of No One Loves Me Better out on Red Parlor Records. This new collection of songs is some of his most personal yet– gut-wrenching, and heartbreaking to date. The story of a man finding love, committing a crime and wanting redemption runs deep in Shane’s songs.

From the heartwarming “No One Loves Me Better” to the dark “Bullets & Gasoline” to the sassy “Sucker,” Shane nails life to the wall like a WANTED sign out in the wild west. Shane’s songwriting has evolved so far that he may be untouchable for a while, and fans won’t be able to get it out of their heads, critics won’t know what to do with him. But one thing’s for sure; he’s here to stay.

“Exceptional talent…. it’s clear this cat can sing anything he wants.” – Blues Revue Magazine

Shane grew up on a ranch in Morgan Hill, CA a few hours from San Jose and Monterey. Shane began to learn how to play guitar back in high school, playing with friends and bands along the way, he started The Shane Dwight Blues Band at 28. His musical roots were FM radio, Album Oriented Rock artists like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. He dug deep into their influences and found a stack of others, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, and Albert King; those gave him the nod to take it even further.

His grassroots approach to his career has also been crucial for he has built it fan by fan, show by show and album by album. From What You Need to Gimme Back My Money to A Hundred White Lies, Shane has conquered it all; festivals, CD sales, radio and press accolades galore from rock to country to blues and back again. Dwight’s most successful to date has been A Hundred White Lies, which received praise from publications like, USA Today, Guitar World, and Living Blues Magazine. It charted on several popular radio lists, XM/Sirius Satellite’s Channel, “Bluesville,”Living Blues Magazine, Route 66 – an Americana radio show chart for a total of about six months together. Then, in Spring 2018 he went into Greaseland Studios with Kid Anderson and did a fresh set of his favorite blues covers with another all-star cast of players, called High Time I Got Mine which is only sold at his live shows.

Shane’s hectic touring schedule reads like an airplane flight plan. He keeps it real with a bi-coastal routing to festivals, winery series and of course, he will show up at his favorite dive bar to croon. And that’s why Guitar World said that Shane Dwight, “rocks hard.”




Born outside Chicago, Deb began appearing on stage as a young teen at her step father’s famous nightclub The Topanga Corral, where she opened for such blues legends as Etta James, Big Joe Turner and Taj Mahal to name a few. Deb’s vocals have been described as big, devastatingly powerful, whiskey soaked, a force of nature, reminiscent of her major influences Etta James and Koko Taylor. Deb's stage presence is captivating while her amazing vocals take the audience to new levels of enjoyment. Her standout performances have garnered awards and critical acclaim at festivals and venues throughout the US, Canada and Europe. She writes all her own material and the lyrics paint a gritty, personal picture of life, love and trouble with just a well crafted touch of whimsy.

Her current album ENJOY THE RIDE, the fourth studio album by multi-award nominee and powerhouse singer-songwriter DEB RYDER, is undoubtedly her most outstanding record yet. Produced by Grammy Award winner Tony Braunagel and Executive producer Ric Ryder, it shines like a beacon as the next level in the progression of an artist that has what it takes to deliver on all fronts. The thirteen original tracks by Ryder take you on a sonic journey that weaves seamlessly through multiple blues styles,
back-porch, hill country, gospel stomp, R&B, and beautifully evocative ballads, with Ryder’s sublime vocals at the helm. Served up in her distinctive stye, this record embraces current social issues, while maintaining all blues traditions. ENJOY THE RIDE serves up driving grooves with an all-star rhythm section, smoldering guitar, genius B3 and haunting harmonica. Ryder is supported by an impressive array of some of the finest luminaries in the genre, including Tony Braunagel, Chris Cain, Debbie Davies, Mike Finnigan, Kirk Fletcher, Big Llou Johnson, Coco Montoya, Johnny Lee Schell and Pieter (Big Pete) van/der Pluijm.

"Very well crafted collection of original songs. By the sound of her blues, Ryder has only smooth sailing ahead of her."-- MELANIE YOUNG - LIVING BLUES MAGAZINE 



 Jim Gustin is a blues singer and guitarist from Santa Clarita California. He has a distinctive, powerful voice; soulful and deep with a smoky rasp, he is a passionate and energetic performer. He has well written catchy songs that reveal his many varied influences to his groove oriented blues. He is also a very solid guitarist with great tone and a funky feel.
Jeri Goldenhar, aka Truth Jones, has been singing since she was a little girl, although at over six feet tall, it’s hard to imagine her as a knee high, little red-headed child. She has a big voice to match her impressive stature. She can belt out gospel and soul rarely heard from suburban white girls.
Bassist, Scott "Pete" Duncan and drummer Chuck Strong provide a solid groove that is sure to make you want to dance. Keyboardist, Steve Alterman always keeps things interesting by effortlessly moving from vintage organ to jazz to honky-tonk piano. Add Lawrence Tamez on saxophone, and the blues possibilities are endless!

Jim Gustin and Truth Jones have released two albums; Can't Shed a Tear (2104) and Memphis (2017) Both albums were produced by blues veteran Terry Wilson. He has shared the stage with many notable performers including; Three Dog Night, Foghat, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Tommy Castro, Chris Duarte, Teresa James, Coco Montoya, John Nemeth, Dallas Hodge, Delgado Bros, Deb Ryder, Shari Puorto, Mike Eldridge, Darrell Mansfield, and many more. 



 Kelly's Lot was formed in 1995 by Kelly, a folk singer with a heart for southern rock and blues. Kelly was always a late bloomer and music was no exception. "With age comes fearless confidence or maybe it was a little bit of 'life is too short'". Playing for charity became a norm for the band starting in 1999 after Kelly realized that music and giving was a good match. It gave Kelly the inspiration to perform and write more. With the support of European fans, the band toured across Belgium, France, Germany, England, Scotland, and The Netherlands. In 2011 they released a live CD from Brussels, BE. 'Live in Brussels' which was released both in Belgium and The USA. 'Plain Simple Me' came next and brings the listener back to the roots of this band, when Kelly was playing solo shows as a singer/songwriter. In September 2017, Kelly's Lot returned to France to play at 'Nuits De Sologne' in front of 18,000 people for one of the largest fireworks displays in Europe. And in 2018 the DUO went for the first time to Spain and played in Madrid and Alicant where they were backed up by local Spanish musicians. As eclectic as they are energetic,  Kelly's Lot can play as an acoustic duo, trio an electric 5 piece and however else fits the mood. The full "LOT' behind Kelly Z and Perry Robertson are Rob Zucca on Guitars, Matt McFadden on Bass, Art Mendoza or Michael Mason on Drums, Bill Johnston and Aviva Maloney on Sax, Dave Welch on Trumpet, Bobby Orgel on Keys and Frank Hinojosa on Harp. The band is turning 25 years this year and will soon release, 'Can't Take My Soul' featuring mostly an electric 4 piece with a variety of songs that speak of revolution, love, a girl named Alyssa, France and much more. 



 Soulful, heartfelt and at times in your face vocals by three guys that have all fronted multiple known bands. Grooving rhythms and tones by an unstoppable drummer and bass player that lock in every time.  Sweet six string melodies and ripping leads along with piano and organ, with a splash of killer saxophone and harmonica.  Led by Mike Malone on piano, harmonica and vocals. Mike being a well known, west coast musician has toured the world and performed on too many recording sessions to list. His performance shines with soulful charm and wit. Across the stage, Brophy Dale on guitar and vocals, has toured the world bringing his own style and class to every music situation he’s been a part of.  Brophy has recorded with legends and shares the stage with the audience at every show, bringing them closer to the music. Chris Smith on upright bass and vocals, brings his own brand of blues and rockabilly. Constantly in the studio or on the road with multiple acts.  Not just an audio show but one to watch, locked into the band and interacting with the audience.  In the drivers seat, Greg Mitchell on drums and vocals, Greg has been touring on and off most of his life, with so many years of shows with multiple acts. Always keeping the band perfectly in time and grooving.  Highlighting every moment, Eddie Hagihara on saxophone, always in demand with a strong jazz background and deep bluesy roots, Eddie’s music comes from deep in his soul.  Every note played with a purpose.  

The Broughams aren’t your typical blues band.  We don’t just play the blues but live it, give it a little soul, rock it up to make it our own to share with you. 



 The New Blues Festival, Temblor Brewing, Notorious Entertainment, KayKay Jagger and Kern River Rock n Blues Fest are excited to kick off 6 String Showdown Season 2, a reprise of last summer’s successful series of regional head-to-head competitions to crown Southern California’s all-around best blues guitar player.

The winner of the Kern County regional at Temblor Brewing on June 30 will win a shot to play the semi-finals for chance at the Finals and the whole shebang at the New Blues Festival in Long Beach, $5,000 in cash and prizes AND a guaranteed spot onstage at the Kern River Rock n Blues Fest.

KayKay Jagger, Temblor Brewery and Notorious Entertainment will be your hosts for the night's Kern County regionals as we cut down from 16 guitar players until there's only one left standing, who will move on to represent the Kern County on the Golden Groove stage in the Semi-Final round and a chance to move onto the Finals.



 Jason Robert is the singer/songwriter/front-man formerly of Stone Stanley and currently of the Jason Robert Band.  The JRB have their own unique blend of americana roots blues music.  It’s called Mudstomp.  Mudstomp music, given the handle by Robert, is a blend of traditional delta style blues paired with an early nineties alternative “grungy” rock sound.  Robert sings in  rich baritone while applying delta style slide guitar riffs, either by lap or bottleneck,  Dominick Camera keeps time on the drums while Scott Longnecker thumps the bass.  The bands producer, Jim McComas wails on guitar while Pat Lucca provides the occasional but always tasty blues harp.  

Roberts first album, Stone Stanley (2011) was more of an acoustic reggae jam band sounding album.  The last two albums, Mudstomp Tapes (2018) and Death of Stone Stanley (2019) more accurately represent the bands live mudstomp sound to present date.  The Death of Stone Stanley is Jason Roberts first album as a solo artists.  The five piece band is currently recording their fourth album set to release in winter 2020.



 The newly reformed Left Coast Groovies are a cover band playing Classic Southern Americana Blues Roots Rock Music. Joining Mike Fleming (guitar&vocals) & Eddie Marquartd (guitar&vocals) are new LCG members Wil Anderson on Bass and Kyle Burnham on drums. Exciting times and good jamz ahead in the LCG camp! 



 WARFIELD was formed in 2017 when long time friends Ray Sadolsky , Eddie Marquardt and Sheri Warfield-Wilson decided they all wanted to be in a band together. Being good friends besides just band mates is what makes this band work so well. Adding Nathan Winn (drums)  has only made the band even better! Playing Bakersfield’s great night life spots such as Chuys, Wikis, The Lone Oak, The Bellvedere, Lengthwise, Ethals and many private events and out of town shows including the Kern Rock & Blues Fest in Kernville and the Sportsman Bar.....covering songs of some of the greatest artists out there, WARFIELD is sure to rock you!  



Dirty Pool Blues Band is a hard working local Bakersfield, CA band layin down all kinds of rockin blues grooves. Mixing the locked in hard hitting rhythm section with the sweet warm toneful guitar and singing harmonica brings all together, it's music to your ears. DPBB is the blues bands in Bakersfield that performs a few good ole classic rock tunes. 

Led by Eric Ponce De Leon on guitar and vocals, known for being in more than a few local cover bands covering a wide range of genres always managing to get some blues in the mix because that’s what he’s most passionate about. A guitar style with that dirty Texas Blues.

 Al Garrison on harmonica and vocals derives his style of Blues Harmonica from his life experiences both good and bad. He's a lover of Chicago and West Coast Swing Blues and has no problem playing Rock when called upon to do so. When the time was right, the band knew they had to snatch him up knowing he was a soulful heartfelt harmonica player and an absolute perfect fit.

Brian (Hooch-man) Malfitano bass and backup vocals, brings his own brand of fat thumping solid bass playing blues locking it in with Ralphie Santos on drums and the guitar. Hooch was bassist and backing vocalist for Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame Inductee Luther Davis Jr. from 1994 till his passing in 2015. 22 years! We are honored to be blessed to have him on our stage side by side keeping this band inline. 

Rafael Santos on drums has been playing blues style drums for over 35 year. He has toured from East Coast in the mid-80s to the West coast in the 90s to early 2000s. His styles include top 40 to Salsa, Rock and to his current love and passion for Texas blues to West coast blues. The time came to make a change and get a fixed lineup. He and his skills were needed and fit right in.